The ‘Scheme for Trans-disciplinary Research for India’s developing economy (STRIDE)’ shall support Indian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), especially Universities and Colleges. The STRIDE will generally promote innovation in trans-disciplinary research and aims at enhancing research culture in general and nurturing trans-disciplinary research in particular.
Yes, please see the Important Dates for the latest information. The deadlines are strict due to the large number of applications that we expect to receive. Please be sure to submit well before the specific deadline.
You can be a PI on maximum one proposal, and co-PI on maximum one proposal for the Research component 1 to 3.
Approved/selected proposals will be announced on the STRIDE website periodically. PIs will also be notified by email after the decision is made by Search-cum-Selection Commiittee.
No. Applicants have the option of saving all the entered data and completing the application at a later stage. However you have to submit it before deadline mentioned on the STRIDE web.
Proposals would be reviewed by at least two to three Experts constituting from the pre-determined thrust areas, including experts from industry.
No. STRIDE does not support proposals where the proposed research has already been circulated as a paper or submitted for publication.
Please see the STRIDE financing scheme on the web for the latest information on funding.
Only permanent faculty members of the eligible institutions can submit proposals.

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