Thrust Areas

Priority Areas

  • Critical Editions with Translation of Knowledge Texts in Indian Tradition
  • Ancient Tamil Literature; Dravidian family of Languages
  • Comparative studies involving Classical Languages, Literature and Literary models.
  • Medieval and Contemporary literature in Indian Classical Languages
  • Textual Mapping, Manuscript Culture and Inscriptions
  • Palaeography of ancient Indian texts and Calligraphy
  • Production of Research Material
  • Preservation and Data Bases
  • Lexicography
  • Chronology and Genealogy in Puranas and chronicles in Classical Indian Languages
  • Asia and Pan-Indian Classical Languages: Influence and Adaptation
  • Computer tools for analysing verses in ancient Indian texts
  • E-dictionaries based on ancient dictionaries
  • Machine translations
  • Development of OCRs and other required software& Apps

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