Thrust Areas

Priority Areas

  • Philosophers and Philosophical Traditions in different historical periods: Indian, Chinese, and Western
  • Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Axiology, Ethics, and Aesthetics
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Philosophy of Social Science
  • Experimental Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Modern Indian Philosophy and Philosophers
  • Intercultural Philosophy / Comparative Philosophy
  • Applied Ethics (Environmental Ethics, Bio-Ethics, Neuro-Ethics, Business Ethics)
  • Social Philosophy in Contemporary India
  • Philosophy and Humanistic Disciplines: History, Sociology, Literature, Popular Culture
  • Analytic Philosophy, Phenomenology and Existentialism, Hermeneutics and De-construction
  • Perspectives on Democracy and Nationalism
  • Philosophy and Gender
  • Philosophy, Spirituality and Saint Tradition in India
  • Philosophy and/or Religion

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